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Transaction Definitions

When entering the Real Estate market as a buyer, you are going to be presented with a wealth of information regarding the different types of properties that are available for purchase. In addition to information about the home, it is important that you have information about the type of sale you will be participating in. The following describes the types of property sales you are most likely to encounter.


The most common type of sale is a “resale”, which refers to a common case when an owner of a property hires an agent to sell the property.

Short Sale

A short sale is when the seller owes the bank more than the value of the home they are selling. In this case the seller must obtain an approval for the bank to forgive or postpone repayment of the portion of the loan that is above the sale price.

Until recently banks were unwilling to approve short sales, and any short sale took a very long time to close if at all. Currently short sales get approvals much more quickly and the process of buying short-sale has become similar to that of a standard resale. As home prices continue to grow fewer short-sales can be expected due to less property owners owing more on their homes then they are worth.


A foreclosed property is essentially a bank owned property. They are commonly referred to as “Real Estate Owned” or “REO”. Foreclosures and short-sales are also known as “distressed properties” and they dominated the market from 2008 to 2011. Since 2011 their market share has decreased. The chart below depicts the current breakdown of homes for sale in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Note that less than 15% of total homes for sale are “distressed properties.”

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